It’s Rule 5 Sunday!

Ashley Carolina Hurricanes

What is Rule 5? Well, it is adequately and completely discussed at The Other McCain’s post entitled, “How to Get a Million Hits on Your Blog in Less Than a Year.” Five rules for such a feat are explained, and posting photos of fabulous babes is expressed in “Rule 5.”

Basically, it is doing what I have been doing for years at SYLG, but McCain gave it a cool name and definition. Here is today’s entry, entitled Hot Ice Hockey Babes. Of course, that is redundant, because all hockey babes are hot. To wit:

Miranda Sterling Nashville Predators

Oh yeah, I m rooting for the Nashville Predators now. Of course, the Florida Panthers have their merits . . .

Allie Florida Panthers

You are now free to go about your Sunday.

14 thoughts on “It’s Rule 5 Sunday!

  1. Crazy Politico

    Notice how none of your hockey babes open their lips when they smile. If they did we’d know for sure if they were “hockey babes”, or just models posing as them by the number of missing teeth.

  2. Wyatt Earp Post author

    CP – I don’t think a missing tooth would stop me with these chicks.

    Teetop – Life is good.

    Alan – Absolutely.

    Sully – It’s one of the better rules ever invented.

    MeToo – And people say there’s a bad economy. Heh.

    Done Snoozin’ – Everyone is standing at attention.

    Robert – I put that one to the test on many a post, as you know.

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