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What Is Wrong With The Philly Media?

By Wyatt Earp | October 31, 2007

Will someone please answer this question for me: why would you write a story about a hero cop who stared down two shooters without firing a shot, then smear the man who is lying in very critical condition today?

The story, written by a despicable person named Regina Medina (right) of The Philadelphia Daily News begins like this:

Charles Cassidy never blinked in the face of danger.

In March, the 25-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department and his partner, Officer Barry Delagol, faced down two suspects who had just shot a man in Logan, Philadelphia police said in a press release issued this spring.

The criminals, with firearms in hand, ran toward Cassidy and Delagol, and the two 35th police officers repeatedly ordered the shooters to drop their weapons until they complied. The suspects were then arrested.

The story then recaps today’s tragic events before firing a sarcastic shot at the man who was a hero to many people in Northwest Philadelphia:

In 1995, a lawyer defending a man accused of drug possession, accused Cassidy and police officer Joseph McMonagle of planting drugs on the floor of Victor Stubbs’ car. The officers were angry, lawyer Susan Gelman claimed, because they couldn’t charge Stubbs with robbery.

But the jury dismissed the claims and convicted Stubbs.

What possible reason is there to add in this anecdote? Does it make her feel good to slam a man who paid a heavy price for protecting the citizens of this city? Will she be giggling about the paragraph in front of her liberal, cop-hating co-workers and friends tonight during “Wine and Brie Night?”

Regina Medina, you are a truly despicable person.

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