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People I Hate

By Wyatt Earp | December 1, 2006

It’s been a really bad week, and the bile is piling up. It’s time to start hating!

U.S. Representative Chaka Fattah

This piece of detritus is married to another piece of detritus, local news toad Renee Chenault-Fattah, but that only adds to his PIH status. Fattah – nice name, by the way – has announced that he will be running for mayor of Philadelphia next year. The Democrat was one of many candidates interviewed by Philly FOP President Robert Eddis about convicted cop killer and lifetime death row resident Wesley Cook, aka Mumia abu Jamal. Cook killed Philadelphia police officer Daniel Faulkner 25 years ago, so the incident is once again at the forefront of local news.

Eddis asked Fattah if he thought Cook should receive a new trial. Fattah, ever the dirtbag, replied “Yes.” Eddis then asked Fattah why he was one of the few local politicians who did not condemn the decision by St. Denis, France to name a street after the cop-killing thug. Fattah responded that he refused because a Republican brought forth the idea.

It’s nice to see that Fattah will put politics before the assassination of a Philadelphia police officer. Scumbag.

Bryant Gumbel

Whose bright idea was it to hire this jackass? Gumbel is doing football play-by-play for the NFL Network. You didn’t know that? Well, that’s probably because you were sleeping through his monotone description. As far as excitement goes, this guy makes Andy Rooney look like Richard Simmons! I have never yawned my way through an NFL game before, but Gumbel makes it happen.

Thank you, Mr. Gumbel, for doing the impossible. You made football boring.

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