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Not So "Ice" To See You

By Wyatt Earp | November 30, 2006

Remind my hockey team to never accept two weeks off.

Last night was our first game back from Turkey Day hiatus, and apparently, we were still stuffed with meat – we played like sleepy grandfathers. It would have been better if we had been stuffed with talent, because our opponents, The Storm, blew past us, winning 6-2.

Here are a few of the high, er, lowlights:

1. Vincent Antonelli is officially the team goon. After “allegedly” checking an opponent from behind, he received a two minute penalty and a ten minute misconduct. Combine that with another two minute minor later in the game, he spent 14 minutes in the sin bin. Basically, he sat out an entire period. Way to go, Vinnie!

2. The Badger should get double play, since he is now playing defense and goaltender. Our goaltender can’t save coupons as of late, and Badger made a terrific skate save in the third period.

3. Fish got schooled something fierce in the second period. (Heh. Fish. School. I made a funny!) While he was coming back on defense, the charging opponent turned him right, left, then backwards on his way to an easy goal. I never saw Fish get burned quite that bad.

4. I played like crap again. Although I wasn’t as lazy as some of my other offensive players, I did steal a puck to go on a breakaway – only to screw up an easy pass to my trailing linemate. All for naught.

We now have a ten day break until our next games: Sunday, December 10, and Monday, December 11. Two games in a row. That should be a blast.

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