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Dorothy Krysiuk: Traffic Hottie

By Wyatt Earp | October 11, 2007

Dorothy Krysiuk Fox Philly

FOX29′s Traffic Angel, Dorothy Krysiuk. Beauty personified.

This is Dorothy Krysiuk. She is currently the morning traffic reporter at Philadelphia’s FOX News affiliate. As you can see, she is a truly beautiful woman. The kind of woman to makes a person forget all of their troubles. And that’s perfect right now.

It’s been a terribly long week, and I’m getting over a very lousy day. And since I’m not the type of person to drink his troubles away, I figured I would do something that all of the male readers can enjoy.

So, to soothe the savage beast inside of me, I am rewarding myself (and you guys, I guess) with photos of my favorite Traffic Angel, Philly Fox 29′s Dorothy Krysiuk.


<i>Dorothy Krysiuk and Kerri Lee Halkett</i>

Dorothy Krysiuk and Kerri Lee Halkett

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