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Cheated NHL Players Are Pucking Mad

By Wyatt Earp | June 22, 2009

<i>Baseball girls. Nice.</i>

Baseball girls. Nice.

And after reading this story, I can’t say I blame them.

14 major NHL hockey players are suing a developer named Kenneth Jowdy for allegedly screwing them out of millions of dollars — and then blowing the cash on escorts, strippers and private jet rides for some of the biggest names in Major League Baseball history.

So what, are the hockey players not good enough to receive escorts and strippers?

The players claim they each invested between $250,000 – $500,000 with Jowdy — who allegedly promised to use their money to develop a luxury golf course and resort.

Instead, the suit alleges the money was blown on private jets, 5-star hotels, and parties with various female porn stars, escorts, strippers, party girls and other women for MLB greats like “Roger Clemens, Reggie Jackson, Joe Morgan and Pete Rose (to name a few).” (H/TTMZ)

Pete Rose? I guarantee he bet the other players when the strippers would take their clothes off. Heh.

Personally, I think this story is despicable, and Jowdy has a lot to answer for. Besides, why on earth would he spend time with baseball players? They never have exciting stories about losing teeth or smashing a guy in the head with a hockey stick!

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