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The Sign Of Lacrosse

By Wyatt Earp | April 9, 2008

Kyle (left) makes a fast friend on the field.

It may be one of the best days of my life. Yesterday, my seven-year old son Kyle started playing lacrosse. I was very excited when he started playing soccer and street hockey. He made me proud when he started ice skating, but lacrosse has a special place in my heart. It is the game I played at Saint Joseph’s University, and the game I have coached for sixteen years now.

Kyle is playing on the first and second-grade team at Calvary Athletic Association – Go Crusaders! Unfortunately, it appears that he’s the only first grader playing, but luckily, he has been throwing around a lacrosse ball with dad for a year or so now. As you can see, he still needs a little work . . .

But he’s still as game as ever . . .

The coaches had the kids learn some of the fundamentals – like the one-handed throw to teach balance – and kept them running throughout the 90-minute practice. Kyle is a good student, and always listens to his coaches, so he didn’t have many problems. After the fist day, he was ready to suit up again, which was a good thing, since his team practiced again tonight.

So far, he seems to love the game, and he loves it a little more tonight because they received their jerseys already. Kyle had his choice of numbers, and he took #2.

It’s gonna be a good season.

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