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Giants Purge Barry Bonds From Stadium

By Wyatt Earp | March 27, 2008

Is everyone in San Francisco a hypocrite?

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – The San Francisco Giants will not reconsider a decision to part ways with controversial home run king Barry Bonds, the team president said on Wednesday.

Last season Bonds passed Hank Aaron to become Major League Baseball’s career home run record holder, packing the stands at the Giants ballpark on the scenic San Francisco Bay.

But the club, who at the end of the season said they would not re-sign the free agent, have now removed prominent tributes in the stadium to the slugger, who has steroid allegations and perjury charges hanging over his head.

But it was okay when ‘Roid Hobbs was selling tickets and keeping your team in the spotlight last year? Frakkin’ hypocrites.

The left field wall no longer bears an image of Bonds chasing Aaron for the home run crown, nor elsewhere is the number of Bonds’ home runs in relation to Aaron posted.

A team spokeswoman said the Giants would put up a plaque to note where he had hit his last homer. (H/T – )

It goes without saying that the San Francisco Giants are the most despicable team in baseball. For years, they ignored the glaring evidence that Bonds was using steroids because it benefited them and their ball club. Now that he is gone, they think no one will remember how they – and their despicable fans – treated him like a god?

Sorry pal, but no one in America is that stupid. Not even baseball fans.

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