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It’s Hockey Heaven

By Wyatt Earp | December 29, 2007

I truly despise Vincent Antonelli.

Why would I say such a thing about one of my best friends? Because while I am sitting at my computer typing this post, he is currently in Davos, Switzerland.

And why is he in Davos, Switzerland? Because he and Deathlok’s brother Sean are attending the 2007 Spengler Cup. The Spengler Cup is like soccer’s World Cup, but unlike soccer, its participants are playing an exciting sport: ice hockey. Heh. National teams from Canada, Germany, Russia, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic are playing in the annual round-robin tournament amidst a carnival-like atmosphere.

Think the Olympics with a lot more drinking.

How much more drinking? Well, for the length of the tournament (December 26th through December 31st) the bars in Davos never close. That’s right, they are open all night. Mardi Gras without the broken levees. It’s kickass! So, why would I pass up an opportunity to experience a once-in-a-lifetime trip to see my favorite sport? Because my wife is pregnant.

Lousy pregnant wife. (Kidding, kidding!)

Since the missus is due in early March, and the last two Earp boys came six weeks and four weeks early, respectively, the trip was cutting things close. It also didn’t help that I would have been out of the country for the entire Christmas break, and wifey didn’t think that would be good for our family togetherness.


Kidding again. It sucks that I can’t attend, especially since I will miss one or more of the following:

  • Learning to sing with rowdy German fans.
  • Eating horse steak. Yep, it’s a delicacy over there. Blecch!
  • Drinking myself silly while picking fights with sissy Swiss guys.
  • Staring at fabulous Slovak broads who happen to like ice hockey.
  • Watching Vinnie try to sweet talk babes that don’t speak English.

Oh well, it’s disappointing, but I understand. Since The Badger wasn’t able to attend, either, hopefully, we’ll be able to convince the better halves to let us attend a future Spengler Cup. Until then, Vinnie has specific orders to bring me home a HC Moller Pardubice (Czech Republic) jersey.

For those of you interested, here’s some highlights of a previous Spengler Cup tourney:

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