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Pamela Anderson Is Retiring

By Wyatt Earp | November 29, 2007

From what, exposing her cans for all the world to see?

LOS ANGELES (AFP) – Former “Baywatch” star and pin-up queen Pamela Anderson says she plans to quit her show business career within five years and retire to her native Canada, it was reported Thursday.

Anderson, 40, told USA Today that despite regular movie and television offers she was too “lazy” to continue working and wanted to settle down with her third husband Rick Salomon, whom she wed in Las Vegas last month.

“I get offers to do movies and TV all the time. I say no to everything. Drives my agent crazy,” Anderson told the daily.

“But I’m lazy. I don’t want to work. I want to be with my kids,” the mother of two added. (H/T – )

When I read this story – and finished laughing – a few thoughts came to mind:

  • Boy, Pam has a lot of “formers” in her description.
  • Does Pam have real skin anymore, or is she just a plastic doll?
  • It must be easy to retire when you aren’t working to begin with.
  • Pamela Anderson is lazy? Gee, that never comes across in her acting.
  • Her third husband – I’m sure this marriage will work out – is Rick Solomon. You remember him. He played the role of “Man Plowing Paris” in Miss Hilton’s infamous sex tape.

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