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Guess Where I’ll Be In One Week?

By Wyatt Earp | September 1, 2007

Damned straight! On Saturday night, September 8th, I will be sitting in the grandstands at Richmond International Raceway. The trip is courtesy of my brother, Randal Graves. His brother-in-law Ed’s company is running a bus trip to the race, complete with tickets, hotel room, and hookers.

I’m kidding, there won’t be any hookers. Sheesh!

I’m rather excited, because I haven’t been to a race since 2002 at Dover - Jimmie Johnson won that race – and my hearing is completely back to normal. This cannot stand. Besides, Randal has promised a 6-hour bus trip to the track filled with Jager-bombs! Mmm . . . Red Bully goodness!

If you’re watching the NASCAR race, look for the Jeff Gordon fan trying to spit on Tony Stewart’s car as it throttles around the track. That’ll be me. Heh.

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