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Radio4Bauer Redux

By Wyatt Earp | August 18, 2007

Break out your man-purse and your “Damnit!” quotes, for tonight we debut a brand new edition of Radio4Bauer (6:30pm, EDT).

Tonight’s topics include:

1. A rant about 24 going “Green.”

2. The latest news and info on Season 7’s delay.

3. The inaugural edition of “Are You Smarter than Kim Bauer?”

You can click on the above link for all of the information and how you can listen to the show online. And remember, if you decide to be a caller, you’ll be the first.

UPDATE: Scully of Skywritings was R4B’s first-ever caller! See? I told everyone my readers kick ass! Thanks, Scully, and thank you everyone! Also, if you would like to hear the podcast, you can do so by clicking HERE.

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