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People I Hate

By Wyatt Earp | August 23, 2007

Hey kids, what time is it? Well, since it is a cloudy Thursday in Murdertown, it must be time for another jam-packed edition of PIH.

NBA Thug Stephon Marbury

Just when you thought NBA players couldn’t sink any lower, we have this little wisdom nugget from the New York Knicks guard:

“I think it’s tough,” Marbury said, according to Albany TV station Capital News 9. “I think, you know, we don’t say anything about people who shoot deer or shoot other animals. You know, from what I hear, dogfighting is a sport. It’s just behind closed doors.” (H/T – )

Okay, will someone please grab me a few rolls of duct tape? My head is about to explode! I am not sure which galls me more: the fact that Marbury is comparing dogfighting to deer hunting, or the fact that Marbury probably doesn’t think NASCAR, Golf, or Lacrosse is a sport, but dogfighting is!

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell

God, I am so sick and tired of featuring this piece of garbage here. Unfortunately, he keeps doing stupid things. He is the Patrick Star of state government. And now, he’s giving the old “71″ to area hunters. To wit:

HARRISBURG – Conspiracy, idiocy or just plain political opportunity?

When it comes to the issue of guns in Pennsylvania, the answer depends on geography – or so suggests the latest flap over Gov. Rendell’s decision to shut down the state’s instant background check system for gun purchases between Sept. 2 and 6.

The reason: much-needed computer upgrades.

The fallout: people won’t be able to buy guns for four days – four days that coincide with the start of hunting season, when doves and early Canada geese become fair game, hunting enthusiasts say. (H/TThe Philadelphia Inquirer)

The answer to the first question is obviously “idiocy.” Rendell chose the time for computer upgrades wisely: in order to give the fist to Pennsylvania’s hunters – almost all of whom are conservatives. What Rendell obviously does not get – besides exercise – is that very few (if any) of Philadelphia’s 266 homicides were committed by hunters wearing fluorescent orange hats perched in a tree stand!!!

Remember kids, you can’t spell “idiotic a-hole” without “ED.”

John Stewart and The Daily Show

Congratulations guys, it only took you four-and-a-half years to go to Iraq. And now that you’ve gone over there, you expect to be showered with accolades.

Correspondent Rob Riggle—who has combat experience as a U.S. Marine Corps major—spent five days in Iraq last week with “Daily Show” writer Kevin Bleyer and field producer Glenn Clements. They went with a USO sketch comedy tour known as “Operation Feel the Heat,” though—armed with small handheld cameras—they also brought back video that will be used for “The Daily Show” about the troops and their lives in Iraq. (H/TThe Hollywood Reporter)

You want accolades, go to another blog. I’m not impressed.

I’m not impressed that after 1,500 or so days of ripping the President, ripping the war, and (in my opinion) thereby ripping the troops, that you made a “pity visit” to Iraq

I’m not impressed that you send an alleged former Marine (Riggle) to the sandbox, and the best he can say is “I have a lot of respect for the troops fighting over there.” Really? Maybe you’ll remember that the next time you’re ripping the war for laughs. But I doubt it.

I’m not impressed that some pundits and military types are applauding the trip despite the fact that is merely a publicity stunt for the show. Sorry, people, but The Daily Show will get no accolades from me.

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