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Big Wheel Keep On Turnin’ . . .

By Wyatt Earp | February 28, 2007

My hockey team is rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ toward the playoffs. After brutalizing the Bruins by a score of 8-4 last night, we have won five games in a row, and have won ten out of our last twelve. I am still not entirely sure why I am still allowed to play with these guys, since the only thing I have offered the team recently is comic relief.

While playing defense, I committed the following atrocities: I blew an assignment early in the first period, and allowed the opposing player to out skate me to an early breakaway goal.

I took a slap shot to the ankle in the second period, before hobbling toward the bench. Luckily, no one scored as I was playing defense on one leg. As I type this, there is a lump on my ankle the size of a condor egg.

Immediately after I hobbled to the bench, I took off my glove and wiped the ice from my skate blade, slicing my left index finger. It felt like a paper cut, but bled like the Dickens for a while.

Thankfully, the usual suspects played to their usual brilliance: The Badger scored a goal, played stifling defense, and resisted the urge to drop the other team’s cheapest player. Afterwards, he told us he was going to bury the guy with a minute left in the game.

We think Randal Graves had a point on every one of our goals. He had a goal and two assists after the first period. Not to be outdone, he actually played defense for a change, and saved my slow ass on what would have been two sure goals. Thanks.

Fish played very well again, had at least one point, and was always there to say, “No you don’t” when I told him I suck. He’s a pretty good liar.

The Emma Laaksonen karma keeps flowing for Vinnie. After posting her picture on game night, Vinnie made an unbelievable backhand pass to set up first period goal, and hustled his way through face offs, power plays, and Guinness at the bar afterwards.

Our next game is Sunday, March 11.

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