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Fall Finale LiveBlogging!!!

By Wyatt Earp | November 27, 2006

What kind of blog host would I be if I didn’t LiveBlog tonight’s Fall Finale of Prison Break?

A terrible one. One that would deserve death by soap bar beating.

Thankfully, I am a stellar host, and even though I am deathly ill today, I plan on LiveBlogging tonight’s fabulous episode of Prison Break on Prison Break Central. So, come one, come . . . uh, two? Don’t let me post to an empty audience . . . like I do here daily. Heh.

Oh, by the way, despite rumors to the contrary, Deathlok is not dead. His computer is on the fritz. When he gets it up and running – the computer, that is – I am drafting him into the PBC Legion of Contributors.

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