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Stupid Questions (Detective Division Edition)

By Wyatt Earp | September 4, 2006

I wish I were making these up, but I don’t have that vivid an imagination.

An officer called the division on Friday night and said, “I got a guy here who tried to rob a complainant. Do we lock up people for attempted robbery?

This one happens all the time and I still laugh at it. A woman called last week and asked for the detective who was handling her case. When I told her he was on vacation, she replied, “Oh, then can I be connected to his voice mail?” I just laughed and laughed.

Similarly, we always get other police departments who want to send us information. The standard line is “What’s the detective’s e-mail address?” Um, it’s .

And finally, tonight a woman came to the window asking for her son. I replied, “He was arrested and is down in the cell room, ma’am.” The woman instantly replied, “Well, can I just go down and give him a hug?

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