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A Little Pick Me Up

By Wyatt Earp | November 19, 2010

After the events of this terrible week, I needed a little pick me up. In case you do, too, check out this video Doghouse sent me. It’s interview clips of Montana Tech football coach Bob Green – a sportswriter’s dream.

If this doesn’t get your weekend going, nothing will.

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4 Responses to “A Little Pick Me Up”

  1. C/A Says:
    November 19th, 2010 at 10:14 am

    I love him. That guys a maniac!

  2. Loaded Dice in Vegas Says:
    November 19th, 2010 at 11:05 am

    Better than 99% of the so called comics………..

  3. Wyatt Earp Says:
    November 19th, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    Captain – If nothing else, he is damned entertaining.

    LDIV – No argument there.

  4. Jon Brooks Says:
    November 19th, 2010 at 5:18 pm

    Like trying to sell bubblegum in a lockjaw ward…classic LOL