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This Just In: More Clinton Shenanigans

By Wyatt Earp | February 29, 2008

I know; I was shocked, too. I mean, it’s not like the Clintons to try a dirty trick or to attempt legal action to win an election, right?

LAREDO, Texas – Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign has raised the possibility of a challenge to Texas’ primary and caucus rules just days before the contest, drawing a warning against legal action from the state’s Democratic Party.

Well, let me just pull out my handy dandy notebook. Uh-huh. Cried to win a primary? Check. Got angry to win a primary? Check. Threatened legal action to win a primary? Gotta check that one off, too.

Aides to Clinton said earlier this week they were alarmed at the lack of clarity about many of the caucus rules and expressed their concerns on a conference call with Obama’s staff and state party officials. Texas has a two-step voting process, with a primary and then caucuses shortly after the polls close.

If the Hill-debeast campaign was so confused about the Texas primary rules, they should have had the foresight to mention it a lot sooner than they did. The mere fact that they are ignorant matter is an mortal sin on their part, and sheds some light into why Clinton is being slaughtered in the polls.

Specifically, Clinton aides questioned a provision allowing caucus attendees to vote to move the location if they choose to do so, and whether people who had cast so-called “provisional ballots” in the primary would have their votes counted in the caucus.

Nice. Break out the “Count Every Vote” argument. It’s funny how when it suits their needs, some Dems want to count every vote. When it doesn’t – remember the military ballots of 2000 and 2004? – some Dems couldn’t care less. Hell, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell opposed extending the deadline for soldiers’ absentee ballots in the 2004 election!

[Clinton political director Gus Cecil said] “We want to see the results in writing, and we reserve the right to challenge something if we don’t believe it reflects something that was discussed on the call,” he said, insisting that if there were clear problems with how the caucuses were being run, “you are allowed to say something about it.” (H/T – )

And there it is. The Clinton camp is setting the stage for legal action if the Texas vote doesn’t go her way. She’ll tie up the results in court for weeks (a la Al Gore) and do even more damage to an already split party.

I swear, I can’t tell which party is experiencing more infighting anymore, because the battles change from day to day. November cannot come soon enough.

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