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MOVE Members Up For Parole

By Wyatt Earp | February 28, 2008

And I can almost guarantee that these animals get their wish. I mean, they’re just political prisoners who were defending themselves against racist white cops. Who can blame them for murdering one of them, right?

Seven MOVE members who have been behind bars since 1978 for their part in the shoot-out that killed Philadelphia Police Officer James Ramp and injured seven others are up for parole soon – amid a swell of opposition from police and prosecutors.

The seven are scheduled for parole interviews in April, and it will then be up to the state Board of Probation and Parole to decide whether they would be able to walk out of prison. Five of nine votes would be required for parole to be granted.

I wonder how many left-wing hippies will be on the board? I am sure one or two of the members will feel that the prisoners are “rehabilitated,” and “served their time.” After all, thirty years for killing a cop is more than enough in some people’s eyes.

All nine were found guilty of third-degree murder in the shooting death of Ramp, and the attempted murders of the others shot and injured that day, when police tried to evict 12 adults and 11 children from their headquarters at 33d and Pearl Streets in Powelton Village.

See? They are model citizens without a history of violence! I am sure that when they are released, they will all become pillars of the community.

Prosecutors contended there was no doubt the fatal shot came from inside the MOVE house because a ballistics match between a weapon found in the house and bullet fragments in Ramp’s body proved that the rifle killed him.

Don’t worry, folks. I am sure the evidence was planted.

As Common Pleas Judge Edwin S. Malmed sentenced them, the defendants shouted obscenities at him.

Wouldn’t you, if you were just railroaded by the corrupt system? Free Huey!

MOVE member Ramona Africa said yesterday that she hoped the parole board doesn’t force them to serve their maximums.

I swear to God, if I had my way, this piece of garbage would not have made it out of the Osage Avenue compound alive.

“We have no confidence in this system,” she said. “Of course they want to come home. They’ve been away from their family for 30 years. But we never expect anything right from this system.” (H/TThe Philadelphia Inquirer)

Ya know what, Ramona? James Ramp has been away from his family for 30 years, too, and he’s never coming home; thanks to you and your fellow filthy animals.

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