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Weekend Caption Contest – Results

By Wyatt Earp | January 21, 2008

Top Lucky Seven Entries:

7. “Shh…Don’t tell Garth he needs five cards to play poker!” – Officer Wright
6. “Hey baby…You on MySpace?” – Moe
5. “Mr. Garth, this is “Go fish,” not poker. The only flop around here is you and your last CD.” – RT
4. “I Got Friends In Low Places. . . like the Kindergarten down the street.”- Deathlok
3. I’ve got pocket aces and a loaded diaper. – The Man
2. “This brat tells me to go fish one more frakkin’ time, and I’m tellin’ her that Santa’s DEAD.. How’s THAT for a tell, you little &*$!” – Vincent Antonelli

WINNER!“I see you gettin’ ready to fix the game by putting boogers on the cards.”Pam

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