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It’s Weigh Day!

By Wyatt Earp | January 19, 2008

Hey fat kids, what time is it?

It’s time for the weekly weigh-in in our Blogger Blubber Battle. But first, a commercial message:

Are you morbidly, obese? When you sit around the house, do you really sit around the house? Would you like to lose unnecessary pounds without cutting off your own head? If so, then you need to join our Blogger Blubber Battle.

Just a few weeks ago, I was a disgusting amorphous blob. My own family called me things like The Commander of Corpulence, The Bard of Lard, and The Ayatollah of Buttered Rolla! While these names were hurtful, they were also true. I needed a change, and when my blog pal Sssteve challenged me to a weight-off, I readily accepted.

Two weeks later, I have lost 9 pounds with Weight Watchers. I now weigh in at 227 – after starting at 236. Sure, I’m still a tub of lard, but now I can squeeze into my jeans again. (And they’re real jeans, not Lane Bryant Stretch Pants for Men.) Whoo hoo! Thank you, Blogger Blubber Battle!

Well, I knew last week’s 6 pound loss wasn’t going to be the norm, but the fact that I lost two more pounds this week makes me giddy. At 5’9″, I am still overweight, and my perfect goal would be to get down to 190 – although I will settle for getting below 200. It’s progress, kids, and that’s what me and my fellow contestants are striving for. Keep it up, everyone!

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