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Hit The Street, Sharif!

By Wyatt Earp | January 20, 2008

Finally, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter makes a good decision.

See this smarmy little bastard on the right, that’s FORMER Mayor John Street’s son Sharif. (God, I love writing “Former” with Street’s name.) For those of you lucky enough to not live in Philadelphia, John Street is widely recognized as one of the worst mayor’s in the city’s history. He makes Ray Nagin look like Rudy Giuliani.

In typical Street fashion, he tried some back door shenanigans before he left office:

One of Mayor Street’s last acts in office a few weeks ago was to appoint five people to the Zoning Code Commission, including his son, Sharif.

Yesterday, Mayor Nutter replaced all of them.

Nutter, who promised zoning reform throughout his campaign, put five of his own picks on the 31-member panel charged with re-writing the city’s zoning code. He also appointed six people – one a holdover – to the City Planning Commission.

Nutter spokesman Doug Oliver said Nutter just wants a fresh start.

“He thanked everyone for their service to the city, but we’re looking forward,” Oliver said.

Sharif Street did not return a call for comment. (H/TThe Philadelphia Daily News)

Of course he did not return any calls. If he did, he would have to justify Daddy’s idiotic decision. One can only hope that this is the last we see of this politically corrupt, morally bankrupt family.

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