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This Deserves A Nobel Prize

By Wyatt Earp | August 29, 2007

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you The Jet Powered Beer Cooler!

Somewhere, a bunch of saps are looking for the cures to cancer and AIDS, when they should be focusing on a much more important problem: how to keep your beer cold while it sits in your shed! Here’s a snippet from the site:

Unfortunately that small quantity of ice would not keep multiple beers cold during the course of a day in the shed. And no, you cannot, not under any circumstances, put ice into the beer. No!

It was obvious I had to come up with a better solution to the problem.

I knew from some long forgotten physics lecture that when a liquid expands into a gas it will draw heat from its surroundings. And I happened to have a source of a suitable liquid right in my shed in the form of a LPG cylinder (liquid petroleum gas). Obviously it would not do to evaporate vast quantities of a flammable gas into the closed confines of my garage. That would probably be dangerous. What I needed was a way to remove the dangerous gas. The solution was obvious. The gas is flammable so why not burn it. Burning the gas with a normal burner would not use up the gas fast enough to give me any serious cooling. What I needed was a way to use up a lot of fuel very, very quickly.

What I needed was a jet engine!

Vinnie Antonelli, The Badger, and I are so building one of these for Man’s Weekend. Oh, and the best part? He built this beer cooler for his stash of Guinness! (H/T – Sean)

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