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The Truth Is Out There

By Wyatt Earp | August 22, 2007

And you can find it at Scully’s blog.

What kind of pimp would I be if I didn’t encourage everyone to help her reach the 10,000 hit mark? A pretty piss-poor one, I would say. So, forget your beyotches for a moment, and take a break from keeping your pimp hand high, and go check out Scully’s magic moment.

And while you’re there, ask her if she can wrangle you up some of those airline peanuts. Heh.

Update: Scully has guaranteed that the 10,000th visitor will win this stack of money! (Not a guarantee.)

Re-Update: It’s 1am (EDT) and Scully is only 15 hits away from 10,000. Let’s go, people! For the record, I am still checking periodically, in between playing Resistance: Fall of Man on my PS3.

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