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People I Hate

By Wyatt Earp | May 31, 2007

It’s Thursday, which means we get to bathe ourselves in the bile of PIH. Bring your bathing caps, kids, and don’t forget your rubbers. (And, by that, I mean galoshes!) Anchors aweigh!

Philadelphia City Council

My inept city council just voted to end the city lease of the Boy Scouts of America, Cradle of Liberty Council because the national organization discriminates against gays.

Both Clarke, a Center City Democrat whose district includes the building at 22d and Winter Streets, and City Solicitor Romulo L. Diaz Jr. said they hoped the resolution would spur talks to resolve the dispute so Cradle of Liberty Council could continue to use at nominal rent the Beaux Arts building it has been in since 1928.

“My hope is that the resolution will give a little more leverage to the city and that [the parties] can come up with some kind of compromise,” Clarke said. “Honestly, no one wants to see them out of there.”

Diaz said the Council vote was the last step required to end the lease under the 1928 ordinance that leased the land to the scouts “in perpetuity.” (H/TThe Philadelphia Inquirer)

I guess “in perpetuity” means something different to these clowns. How ironic is it that the city is throwing out the Cradle of Liberty Council, which has tried to implement a non-discrimination policy, but was struck down by the national organization? Don’t they have anything else better to do? Oh, in an unrelated note, Philadelphia’s homicide count is now at 167 corpses.

The Actors In Those Drug Commercials

Look, when I get the runs, the clap, leprosy, or some other debilitating illness, I go to a doctor. For some reason, the people in these pharmaceutical ads ask their friends for medical advice. When they do, the friend always says, “I use propopotinate; propanol sodium chlorate.” As if the average Joe knows the chemical name for over-the-counter and prescription drugs. Give me a break! If someone asks me for medical advice, I call them an asshat, then refer them to someone with a medical degree.

The Police

The band, not my co-workers. Check out this tidbit I found at Yahoo!:

The singer in the Police jumps like a “petulant pansy,” the drummer is making a “complete hash,” and who knows what the guitarist is doing?

That wasn’t a music critic ripping the legendary band. It was The Police’s drummer, Stewart Copeland, in one of the biggest gaffes since “Ishtar.” Apparently, he thinks that his band blows. Actually, I would have respected Copeland more if has said just that. Gee, I know I want to shell out a fortune to see them now. Congratulations, Stewart, you just shot yourself (and your reunion concert) in the foot. Idiot.

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