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I Wonder If Tony Stewart Loves Tom Cruise, Too?

By Wyatt Earp | April 30, 2007

You just gotta love NASCAR driver Tony Stewart; he is terrific blog fodder. The man who always says the dumbest things at the most inappropriate times pulled another boner last weekend when he claimed that NASCAR races are rigged. Because it is so easy to manipulate 43 drivers and their cars to a desired result, right Tony? Hell, I think Kyle Busch’s Talladega accident was caused by a sniper shooting out his tires!

That’s why I like Jeff Gordon. He is usually the voice of reason. Of course, he can be the voice of humor at times, too. Say what you want about Gordon; the man can be pretty funny when he wants to be. Read on, Macduffs . . .

Tony Stewart, driver of the Home Depot Chevrolet NASCAR NEXTEL Cup car, accused NASCAR of improper officiating during Nextel Cup races.

Stewart, one of only two multiple champions racing full-time (Jeff Gordon), even compared NASCAR to professional wrestling. “It’s about the integrity of the sport,” Stewart said. “When I feel our own sanctioning body isn’t taking care of that, it’s hard to support them and feel proud about being a driver in the Nextel Cup Series. I guess NASCAR thinks, ‘Hey wrestling worked, and it was for the most part staged, so I guess it’s going to work in racing, too.’”

NASCAR levied a $10,000.00 fine for Stewart’s lack of face time after the race last week, which was warranted. They DID NOT fine him for his comments.

“He’s like the Rosie O’Donnell of NASCAR,” four-time series champion Jeff Gordon said. “Controversy is something that he’s used to. To me, it brings a flavor to the sport.” (H/TThe Post Chronicle)

Now, THAT’S funny! Of course, judging by Tony’s recent expansion of girth, one has to wonder if the Rosie comparison is due to his outspoken manner, or his penchant for Ring Dings.

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