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One Final Blogiversary Post

By Wyatt Earp | January 31, 2007

With a tiny bit of help from yours truly, Pandy received 60 some hits on her blog yesterday. I take little to no credit, but I wanted to thank all of you for stopping by her place anyway. That being said, I also realized I was a little too nice in that last post. This cannot stand. I have a 100% Evil reputation to uphold. Heh.

Top Ten Ways Pandy Celebrated Her Blogiversary

10. She threw her computer into the Venice Canal.
9. Seven straight hours of The Wonder Pets!
8. Beat her Italian Telecomm rep to death with a princess phone.
7. Verbally abused her husband . . . again.
6. Shaved her head . . . then her legs and armpits.
5. Had bacon for breakfast. Wrapped in bacon.
4. Did 200 shots of Orange Fanta.
3. Broke open her Wyatt pinata. Twinkies for everyone!
2. Got a “Baby On Board” tattoo on her belly.

And the #1 way Pandy celebrated her blogiversary is . . .


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