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In Search Of . . .

By Wyatt Earp | January 31, 2007

Yesterday, SYLG had 330 hits!!! This is (by far) the greatest amount of visitors ever to stop by this abortion of a blog. Most of the credit goes to RFTR, who linked my Miss North Dakota post while posting at Blogs4Bauer. A lot of credit also goes to the good folks in Finland – which is quickly becoming my home away from home – who link my Kiira Korpi babe post. And, of course, my regulars always throw in more than their share. Thank you all.

Last night, as Rachel was clicking through my Site Meter – she’s working feverishly on an updated template for this old blog – and found some really bizarre searches that led folks here. To wit:

* SYLG is the third most popular Google search for “.” For the record, I have never been to Talladega – but would love to see a NASCAR race there – and I certainly wouldn’t go to their local gentleman’s club. Too many rednecks, too few teeth.

* SYLG is the eighth most popular Google search for “.” Cripes, you write one post about Jessica Simpson’s alleged “Giggity!” tape, and you’re branded a pervert for life!

* SYLG is the ninth most popular Google search for “.” Hey! I told you guys I was losing weight!!! Now, where did I put my Ring Dings?

* And last, but not least, SYLG is the seventh most popular Google search for “.” Finally, a search result I can be proud of! My picture of this hot Finnish figure skating lass keeps garnering hits from Scandinavia. And why not? Take a look at her!

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