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It’s A Great Day In America

By Wyatt Earp | December 30, 2006

It appears that Saddam Hussein was the third celebrity death, after James Brown and Gerald Ford. The former Iraqi dictator has been executed via the hangman’s noose. Let the jocularity begin.

Top Ten Things Overheard at Saddam Hussein’s Execution

10. “I regret I cannot give another’s life for my country.”
9. “Now, that’s a well-built gallows!”
8. “Hooray, I’m finally going to be on YouTube!”
7. “Who had Saddam in the Dead Pool?”
6. “Wait! I have tickets for the Psychedelic Furs concert tonight!”
5. “You can kill me, but my mustache will live on!”
4. “The 72 virgins will be a nice change from skanks like Britney Spears.”
3. “The Flyers lost ten straight, and they’re hanging me?”
2. “I came for the hanging, but I’m staying for the pork!”

And the number one thing overheard at Saddam Hussein’s execution is . . .

1. “If only I could feel Helen Thomas’ warm embrace one last time.”

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