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Stand By For This Political Message

By Wyatt Earp | October 16, 2006

(Cue happy music.)

In this topsy-turvy, ever-changing, dangerous world, America needs a leader who will get things done. A man who will support the little guy, while striving to keep big business strong. A man who will keep the hippies at bay, while embracing the children in loving, caring, Cajun arms. That man is Fmragtops.

(Cue evil music.)

Of course, his opponent – the evil, fire-breathing Hillary Clinton – despises children, and has worked to allow abortions well past the 55th tri-mester!

(Cue happy music.)

Meanwhile, Fmragtops has promised to cut your taxes, and continue to help our ever-growing economy.

(Cue evil music.)

Hillary Clinton? The only thing she continues to help grow is her ample rear end.

(Cue happy music.)

As President, Fmragtops will keep terrorists at bay, and rogue world leaders on a tight leash.

(Cue evil music.)

His opponent cannot even control the crazed libido of her “husband,” whose conquests usually wear a leash. Bleech!

In November 2008, there is only one choice for President: Fmragtops.

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