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By Wyatt Earp | October 13, 2006

Thankfully, I am a pissy mood today, so this will be more bile-filledit’s not a word? I don’t give a rat’s ass! – than usual.

On August 29th, I wrote about a piece of shite detective and the arsehole judge that cleared him of domestic assault. Here’s the follow-up.

Today I got a text message from my former partner. He was at MPO – yearly in-service training – and asked, “Guess who’s sitting in front of me at MPO?” I said I had no idea. He replied, “Smith.” (Smith is not this piece of detritus’ real name, but since he was acquitted of domestic assault – wrongly, in my opinion – I won’t use his real name.)

I was stunned.

I replied, “Unreal!,” and he confirmed the sighting. My former partner – and Partner #1 – were both on this domestic assault case with me, so they know this toad when they see him. I was going to ask why Smith was in training less than two months after his acquittal, but it immediately hit me:

Smith has already been reinstated.

Normally, when an officer is arrested/fired, it takes close to two years for said officer to get his or her job back. It appears it only took Smith 45 days. When I asked my partner why Smith was back so soon, he replied, “He’s connected.”

Oh, that’s frakking great! This guy beats his wife to a bloody pulp . . . oh wait, he was acquitted by a Philadelphia Municipal Court Judge, so this whole event never happened! How silly of me! This guy gets arrested, stands trial, and is reinstated before the ink of the verdict even dries. Where is the outrage here? Where are the calls for a review of this judge (Judge William Austin Meehan, by the way.) Where are the usual cop-hating writers in the local media when they actually have a story with some teeth? Where is the justice for the victim here? Hello? Bueller?? Anyone???

Meanwhile, Smith is sitting in training, gloating about how he beat the system a second time. He will get all of his back pay. He will get his former position and division of assignment. He will get to giggle at his estranged wife the next time he sees her.

His wife? She will probably be found dead somewhere when this toad thinks the third time is the charm. I hope Judge Meehan can sleep at night.

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