(Snow) White Hot

Apparently, the classic tale has been, um, retooled.

It has been billed as a re-imagined and slightly twisted version of the fairytale classic. And judging by today’s on-set photographs of movie Snow White and the Huntsman, it certainly seems pretty far removed from Disney’s fluffy cartoon take on the story.

Leading lady Kristen Stewart spent the day soaking wet and showing a good few inches of flesh as she shot scenes for the film on a Welsh beach. The actress looked to be taking part in some particularly dramatic scenes on the sands, and hoisted her soaking wet gown on as she walked along.

I’ve never been a fan of Stewart or her lame Twilight films – vampire movies should feature Wesley Snipes and include a lot of smiting – but I may have to rethink my position. Yeah, I definitely have to rethink it . . .

Because I’m a giver:

Yeah, that’s the stuff.

9 thoughts on “(Snow) White Hot

  1. Dannytheman

    I saw a remake before called “Snow White does the Seven Dwarfs”. It had some interesting scenes in it also!! :)

    If the dwarves are being replaced by Huntsman, will the Lollypop Guild sue?

  2. Ranba Ral

    If she’s expected to have any kind of emoting at all, the project is doomed. They ultimately lost me at Snow White leading a cavalry charge. If they want female medieval warriors, they should try something original, or maybe do something like make a movie series out of The Book of Ash.

    Also, in the promotional picture where she’s in the armor, why is she carrying a Shield of Gondor from Lord of the Rings?

  3. Wyatt Earp Post author

    Ferrell – Well, seaweed wraps are all the rage in Hollywood lately.

    Danny – One can only hope.

    Richard – I just don’t get it. I understand reboots, but Snow White wears armor, leads LOTR type attacks, and gets hot and wet. Who is the target audience here?

    LDIV – Mmm . . . Belle from Beauty and the Beast . . .

    Ranba – I wish I knew. Mila Jovovich could probably pull something like this – cavalry charges – off, but not many other actresses.

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