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Clay Aiken Is Going To Be A Father

By Wyatt Earp | May 30, 2008

Come on, an I the only one who is going to ask the question? Okay . . . I wonder who did the deed for him?

Looks like it’s time to break out the trusty SYLG News Translator:

Clay Aiken is expanding the ranks of the Claynation by one, expecting a child with music producer Jaymes Foster this summer.

Clay Aiken was devastated today, when he realized that “Jaymes,” his love interest, is actually a woman.

The sister of music kingpin David Foster, the baby mama is a Grammy winner who worked with Aiken on several albums, including A Thousand Different Ways and his most recent release, On My Way Here.

Interestingly enough, Aiken was “On his way there,” while Jaymes was doing the deed “A thousand different ways” with a heterosexual man.

A rep for David Foster confirmed what TMZ first reported this morning, that the couple certain to be dubbed Faiken conceived via artificial insemination and their progeny is due in August. (H/T – )

The couple couldn’t be happier. Foster had terrific sex with a man who wanted to be with her, and Aiken didn’t have to suffer the disgust and humiliation of seeing a naked woman.

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