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Unhealthy Enemas Put Tourists In Hospital

By Wyatt Earp | February 1, 2008

As opposed to all of those “healthy enemas” that people enjoy during birthday parties and family barbecues? “Hey Bob, throw another steak on the grill while I insert my enema!”

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russians visiting a health resort received a rude shock when a nurse used hydrogen peroxide instead of water to give them enemas.

Itar-Tass news agency reported Thursday that 17 tourists in the Caucasus spa town of Yessentuki had to be treated in hospital after the mix-up.

Sources at the sanatorium said the mistake was explained by water and hydrogen peroxide looking the same. Hydrogen peroxide, which can be used to bleach hair, is used as a disinfectant but should not be ingested. (H/T – )

See? This is what happens when you utilize the “dreaded apparatus.”

Riddle me this, caped crusader? Why in God’s name would one tourist – let alone seventeen of them – request an enema during their vacation? This is exactly why the Iron Curtain crumbled.

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