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Clinton Wins Florida

By Wyatt Earp | January 29, 2008

Unfortunately, she received no delegates for it. Good job, toolbox!

DAVIE, Fla. – Hillary Rodham Clinton won the Florida Democratic primary Tuesday night, an event that drew no campaigning by any of her presidential rivals and awarded no delegates to the winner.

The New York senator, fresh off her lopsided loss to Barack Obama in last weekend’s South Carolina primary, arranged a rally in the state as the polls were closing, an evident attempt to gain campaign momentum.

She and Obama collide next week in a coast-to-coast competition for delegates across 22 states.

Last year, the national party stripped Florida of its delegates as punishment for moving its primary ahead of Feb. 5 and the candidates pledged to bypass the state. At stake Tuesday were 185 delegates. (H/T – )

Swell, now we’ll have to hear about Hillary’s blitzkrieg on Washington until Super Tuesday. As if she’s not smug enough.

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