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Bill Clinton Naps During MLK Award Ceremony

By Wyatt Earp | January 22, 2008

I’ve got $50 that says he’s dreaming about Monica Lewinsky.

Yeah, I know I’ve been scooped on this story by about a million other (better) bloggers, but I couldn’t let it go by without comment. Besides, you would think “The First Black President” would know better:

January 21, 2008 — Bill Clinton showed yesterday why he made it into the book “The Art of Napping.”

During an appearance at the Convent Avenue Baptist Church in Harlem, the former president was caught nodding off. Clinton was there during a service to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., while his wife was nearby at Abyssinian Baptist Church, where she was endorsed by its minister, Rev. Calvin Butts.

Clinton has had napping episodes before. Among others, he nodded off at a Mets game and at Ronald Reagan’s funeral. (H/TThe New York Post)

Look, I can relate. I have nodded off during work – and cops get shot at! – school – there were those four years I called “college” – and home – Hell, I’m sleeping as I write this – but to do this in front of a packed church surrounded by media types is inexcusable. Bill, if you’re exhausted shilling for your harpy wife, maybe you could cut down on the public appearances. Lord knows that you hog the spotlight enough already.

Get ready, because I can already see this being used for everyone’s Weekend Caption Contest this week . . .

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