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More Philly Media Insanity

By Wyatt Earp | November 1, 2007

Just when you thought the Philadelphia media couldn’t get any more idiotic, here are a few quotes from the mental midgets with microphones concerning the Cassidy shooting . . .

During Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson’s first press conference from the scene, he mentioned that Officer Cassidy entered the Dunkin Donuts before the shooting. One female reporter – God, I wish I knew who she was – stated the following:

“Was he there to get his donuts?”

During the same press conference, Vernon Odom – a cop-hating tool from the local ABC affiliate – said this to the commissioner:

“I heard groups of black males were stopped and HASSLED
by your officers.”

To his credit, Johnson ignored the inquiry.

And finally, the Trying To Start A Phony Controversy Award goes to an idiot from KYW NewsRadio, who was interviewing one of the males who were stopped and “hassled” by the po-po. The man, who was wearing the same clothing as the shooter, stated that the officer told him, “I’d take that hoodie off if I were you. It may get you shot.”

The reporter than asked incredulously asked, “He REALLY
said that???”

Thankfully, the man being interviewed followed up by saying, “He was just giving me friendly advice,” and said he would only feel safe when the police catch the shooter.

Look, contrary to popular opinion, police officers are human beings. As such, we are fallible, and victims of our emotions. No one was thinking straight yesterday, and if an officer was short with someone who was dressed in the same attire of the man who shot Chuck, he should be given a little bit of slack, don’t you think?

But don’t tell that to the local media. They’re too busy salivating over another juicy anti-cop story.

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