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Just Monkeying Around

By Wyatt Earp | November 25, 2007

Gentlemen, start your double entendre!!!

NEW YORK – From her baptism in Liberia to Christmas years later in her adopted New York City, Mamie Manneh never lost the longing to celebrate religious rituals by eating monkey meat.

Now, the tribal customs of Manneh and other West African immigrants have become the focus of an unusual criminal case charging her with meat smuggling, and touching on issues of religious freedom, infectious diseases and wildlife preservation.
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  • If you want to hear Wyatt say, “Well, at least they’re just smuggling it and not beating it,” press #1.
  • If you want to hear Wyatt say, “Charged with meat smuggling? When is Paris Hilton going to jail?,” press #2.
  • If you want to insert your own joke here, place it in the comments section.

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