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The Most Obvious Survey Ever Conducted

By Wyatt Earp | August 30, 2007

“Boyfriends Do More Housework Than Husbands”

No Shiite.

Married men do less housework than live-in boyfriends, finds an international survey.

Regardless of the couples’ relative earnings or work hours, cohabiting males reported more household hours than did their married counterparts, while the opposite was true for women, with wives picking up the broom less often than live-in girlfriends. (H/T – )

If taxpayer money was used for this survey, I swear to God I’m going postal!

But, since “scientists” and poll-takers (heh, heh, “poll”) will continue to justify their existence by producing meaningless surveys, I figure I should save them some time:

  • Married people have a lot less sex than singles.
  • Singles are more concerned with their appearance than married couples.
  • August in Arizona is hot.
  • “Popular, Funny Philadelphia Detective/Blogger” is an oxymoron.

See that, Mr. Wizard? I just did your job for you.

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