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Weekend Caption Contest

By Wyatt Earp | July 27, 2007

Dopes Against Doping Caption Contest
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Original Caption: Denouncing doping : (From R) Young students Michael, Arthur, Nicolas and Quentin are dressed-up in huge syringes they made with cardboard, to denounce doping before the start of the 17th stage of the 94th Tour de France cycling race between Pau and Castelsarrasin. (AFP/Joel Saget)

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Photoshop Entries:
Cowboy Blob

Top Ten Entries:
10. Four guys just out looking for some ass. – Dr. Phat Tony
9. “Hey guys, I don’t think we have our remake of the Abbey Road album cover quite right just yet!” – Uncle Ray
8. After a positive dope test and a promise to STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS . . . came the solution . . . SIX FOOT SYRINGES! – Scully
7. A group of Pink Floyd fans gather before a concert. – DragonLady474
6. “Hey dude, we may be needle-heads, but that’s better than being a needle-____.” – BobG
5. With that many pinheads, it must be a Democratic Party meeting. – JimmyB
4. Four European pricks: Future EU leaders? – RT
3. Looks like an innocuous group. – Rodney Dill
2. Three out of four French syringes agree: Barry Bonds has a great ass. – Cowboy Blob

WINNER!The Wiggles, touring in Amsterdam, introduce some catchy songs for the kids about the legal use of heroin. - Vincent Antonelli

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