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By Wyatt Earp | July 25, 2007

Just when you thought it was safe to surf the airwaves . . .

Jim, my counterpart from Blogs4Bauer, and the driving force behind bRight&Early had an idea today. And, as he explained, it was different than his usual “Dr. Pepper drinking/beer drinking idea.” This one was a winner, he claimed.

Thus began the creation of Radio4Bauer. Jim set up a channel for the B4B Crew – I guess that means me as well - at BlogTalkRadio and we may launch the first broadcast as early as this weekend. Since we are between seasons, much of the conversation will center upon a Season 6 wrap-up, and what me be looming ahead for Jack in Season 7.

When you check out the Radio4Bauer link, you will also notice a call-in number. I mean, it’s Talk Radio, people!!! Listener participation is encouraged, and with some good word of mouth – and a little luck - we’ll be in full swing by the start of Season 7.

And before you start telling people, “Wyatt’s going to be famous!,” stop right there. It was a fluke that I was invited to blog at B4B in the first place – they were trying to invite Deathlok, but mixed up our addresses – and I am not about to push my luck. The last thing anyone needs is to hear a mental defective who can barely put a sentence together spouting off on the air. I will most likely be the “silent partner.”

Besides my only qualifications for this are that I have a “face for radio.”

(By the way, Blogs4Bauer is MOVING. Please make a note of it.)

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