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Yes, (Unfortunately) I’m Still Blogging

By Wyatt Earp | May 30, 2007

Sorry I’m posting so late. It was a busy day off. Luckily, there are a few stories that have confirmed my opinion that the human race is doomed:


And, of course, he’s just a regular guy. A regular guy with the last name, “Song.” Thus, the former co-host of The View will now be Lisa Ling-Song. Are you frakkin’ kidding me? What will she name her child . . . Ping?

NBC’s Matt Lauer didn’t learn his lesson from interviewing New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine about the governor’s near-fatal car crash while riding without wearing a safety belt.

A few weeks after that chat, there was Lauer on “Today” on Wednesday, sitting in the back of a sport utility vehicle interviewing Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney. Both men were unbuckled.

Unfortunately, Lauer’s vehicle wasn’t T-boned during the interview. Damn.

Idiot Appointed Philly’s Managing Director

Outgoing Philadelphia Managing Director and unequaled cop-hater Pedro Ramos will be leaving his post on June 8th. In his stead, our illustrious (and corrupt) mayor has appointed a 38-year old “secretary of external affairs” to the number two post in the city. Loree Jones’ claim to fame is that she occupied the same office space as Ramos for a few years. Oh, and her qualifications? Well, um, she was an African Studies major in college.

That should be sufficient to run the sixth largest city in the country, right?

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