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Weekend Caption Contest

By Wyatt Earp | April 27, 2007

Sister Virginia Maria, of the Daughters of Mary Mother of Our Lord, plays field hockey with some of her students during recess at the St. PIUS V School in Melville.

(Newsday/Jim Peppler)

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Top 5 Entries:
5. Remember when they used to use rulers to smack your knuckles? – Dr. Phat Tony
4. Sister Mary Margaret showing a young Wyatt how to execute a slap shot. Sadly in the next game Wyatt was ridiculed so much for wearing the habit that he had to leave the game. – Sssteve
3. Jesus saves! Passes to Moses, who parts the defense! He shoots, he scores! – Cowboy Blob
2. Just another Penguins fan. – Rodney Dill

WINNER! Jesus saves!!!The Man

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