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People I Hate

By Wyatt Earp | January 26, 2007

It’s Friday, and that means it’s PIH day. Gentlemen, start your bile!


Ah, yes, The Council on American-Islamic Relations. Where would this country be without them? Probably a lot better off. One of their idiot spokeswomen named Rabiah Ahmed was ripping 24 because the terrorists depicted are Muslims. Oh my God! Muslim terrorists? Say it isn’t so! This bimbo stated that she was afraid to go to the grocery store because she wasn’t sure the person next to her could differentiate between fiction and reality.

Really? Perhaps she can cite the many examples of physical backlash against the Muslim community that occur in America on a daily basis?


Does anyone see the irony here? Ms. Ahmed is afraid that the non-Muslim standing next to her in the grocery aisle may attack her because she is of a different religion.

Now you know how we feel.

Kevin Harvick

As a NASCAR fan, Kevin Harvick irks me. This no-talent punk took over the late Dale Earnhardt’s car in 2001, but the only thing that has run consistently well for him since then has been his big mouth. Every time this jackass speaks, I want to punch him in the nuts.

During Tuesday’s NASCAR Media Tour stop at Richard Childress Racing in Welcome, N.C., Kevin Harvick did a bit of lobbying for rival Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his on-going, drawn-out contract negotiations to remain at Dale Earnhardt Inc., after this season, taking a direct shot at Little E’s stepmother and primary DEI owner.

“I think it’s hard when you have what I call a deadbeat owner that doesn’t come to the racetrack,” Harvick said. “You always see Rick Hendrick, Richard Childress, Chip Ganassi and all these other owners, and they all come to the racetrack. (H/T – )

I am by no means a big Theresa Earnhardt fan, but Harvick’s comments were way out of line. And after his average showing last season, maybe Harvick should be worrying about his own team, instead of someone else’s.

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