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BSG: Back On Track

By Wyatt Earp | January 21, 2007

Lucy Lawless as a Cylon? Good choice!

Battlestar Galactica returns with new episodes tonight, gang! Note the new day and time: Sundays at 10pm (Eastern).

When we last left our heroes – and anti-heroes – both the Galactica and the Cylon fleet were orbiting the algae planet. There is a stalemate, because the mythical Eye of Jupiter – allegedly a beacon to Earth – has been found, and both races want it. Adama threatened to nuke the planet – with his son on it – if the Cylons attempted a landing. The final scene showed Cylon heavy raiders enroute as Galactica was arming their nuclear weapons. NICE!

When President Roslin asked Adama what he was doing, he gave one of the greatest lines in the entire series:

“I’m preparing to nuke the planet.”

Tonight is gonna be great!

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