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What’s All The Hub-Bubba?

By Wyatt Earp | September 26, 2006

The Democrats are still reeling from Chris Wallace’s unprovoked interview attack on the sainted Bill Clinton. “How dare that Karl Rove operative ask the greatest President of our time a serious, hard-hitting question?” Clinton was reportedly incensed at the attack, and allegedly screamed at his staff – his inner circle of advisors, not the other one – after the interview. The weekend’s “unpleasantness” diverted the interview, and Wallace never asked Clinton any of the ten issues he truly wanted to address.

Top Ten Issues Bill Clinton Wanted To Discuss With Chris Wallace

10. That one time at band camp.
9. My dinner with Osama.
8. Why raising taxes builds strong bones.
7. The downside to being “The First Black President.”
6. Mandatory drug testing for anyone who thinks Chelsea is hot.
5. Monica Lewinsky’s XXL thong collection.
4. How he never got a walk-on in Black Hawk Down.
3. When Sandy Berger stole receipts from the supermarket.
2. Paula Jones’ pet name – “Pinocchio.”

And the number one issue Bill Clinton wanted to discuss with Chris Wallace is . . .

1. Whom I was thinking about when plowing Hillary.

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