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People I Hate

By Wyatt Earp | September 1, 2006

Ray “Willy Wonka’ Nagin

Do you believe the wontons on this guy? The founder of the nation’s second “Chocolate City” – Hershey, PA being the first – was in New York City today trying to lure business to New Orleans. Are you friggin’ kidding me? This, after he recently ripped the Big Apple and described the WTC site as “a hole in the ground.” If there’s any justice, someone will bury him neck deep in that “hole.”

Dallas Cowboys Fans

Although I live in Philadelphia, I am only a passing Eagles fan – (Go Broncos!) – but Cowboys fans are making the same mistake Philly fans made only two short years ago: they are cheering Terrell Owens. Owens finally sucked it up and played last night, after weeks and weeks of shenanigans. Cowboys fans are so desperate for a return to glory, that they are welcoming this cancer with open arms – warts and all. I can sympathize: my city did the same. Unfortunately, T.O. will soon revert back to a-hole form, and Dallas fans will soon wonder, “What were we thinking?

Philadelphia Mayor John Street

Incredibly, Street is now the nation’s second-worst mayor after that jackass from NOLA, but his stock is rising. With the passing of the city’s 258th homicide, Street is still refusing to consider hiring more police officers, despite a newly found $200 million budget surplus! Today’s police academy graduating class is comprised of less than 100 officers, and for a department that has lost 1,000 in five years, these additions won’t even make a dent.

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