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Urge To Kill . . . Rising!

By Wyatt Earp | August 28, 2006

Okay, despite the fact that it’s not 2am on the East Coast, I have been trying to post since 11:30pm. Thus, consider this my “Monday Post.”

I’ve had it.

The last two days have been a tumult of anger and despair. To be honest, blogging has been situated slightly ahead of my weekly back shaving, but a tad behind my sock arranging. I really like arranging my socks. Although I’ll blog about each topic in detail a.s.a.p., here’s a taste of what has happened in the last 48 hours:

* An idiot uniformed lieutenant in my division has been using my squad as his personal errand boy. Excuse me, jackass, but slavery ended in 1865.

* I am still chained to dial-up. Why? Because the bitch from Verizon ignored my request that she send me a modem. After three modem-less days, we called back, and they had no record of my complaint/order. Swell.

* The only court case I took personally ended on Monday – I was in court from 8am to 3pm, then I went straight to work (thus, no posting) - and it was not a good outcome.

* And, last but not least, my old district has a new captain. She’s a beyotch, and has hand-picked her administrative staff. There’s not a brain cell in the bunch.

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