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People I Hate

By Wyatt Earp | August 25, 2006

This week’s episode is a no-brainer:

The Jerkass Customer Service Rep At Verizon DSL

The broad promised that she would send my missing DSL modem overnight. To quote Babu Bhatt, “What happened to the modem? Where is the modem? Show me the modem!” And now, as if sensing my upgrade to DSL, my dial-up through PeoplePC is acting kinda “hinky.” It took me four tries to get online tonight. George is getting upset!!! This is not going to be the start of a beautiful friendship, I can tell you that.


If, on the off chance that the above listed broad sent out my modem and specifically wrote “OVERNIGHT” on the package, the not-so-good folks at UPS will be making my “Enemies List.” It’s a long list. And since I was waiting for the Big Brown Truck to drop off the key to my shackles of dial-up for hours without a payoff, United Parcel Service is not going be invited to my “People Who Won’t Burn In My Own Personal Hell Party.” Bastards.

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell

I cannot believe that this fat bastard is going to get re-elected! Cripes, it looks like even Lynn Frakkin’ Swann can’t unseat this piece of detritus! It gets worse. The man who promised the Philadelphia Police Department would be the highest paid department in the country . . . then cut the starting salary down to $23,750 within days of his mayoral win is on the front page of The Philadelphia Inquirer today stating that this is his last campaign. Bullshit. This fat scumbag would say anything to get re-elected, and as soon as that happens, he’ll probably announce his intention to run for FOP President.

You’re up by about 80 percentage points, Rendell. Stop trying to tug Dummy-crats’ heart strings to get an extra five. Jerkoff.

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