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The Filthiest Film Ever Made

By Wyatt Earp | August 29, 2005

Joe Franklin raped me.” – Sarah Silverman, “The Aristocrats

Dave at Garfield Ridge knows funny. Dave knows movies. Quad erat demonstratum, Dave knows funny movies. “The Aristocrats” is a very funny movie, despite the fact that the premise sounds hella-lame: 100 comedians tell the same joke. Yeah, I wasn’t too impressed when I heard it, either, but my friend Kevin drug us to the theater all the same.

God damn, it was the funniest/filthiest movie I have ever seen!

Basically, the beginning and end of the joke are the same, but the middle is malleable. The comics make it their own by filling the middle with the most rude, vile acts on top of the dirtiest language this side of South Park. (Okay, it’s not everyone’s cup o’ tea, but I’m a really low brow guy.)

A few observations:

  • How did Bob Saget ever land a role on Full House? He would make Redd Foxx blush.
  • Many of the female comedians (who are usually brutally unfunny) stole the film.
  • Gilbert Gottfried is a national treasure.

The Aristocrats is only in limited release – and after seeing it, I understand – so see it soon . . . if you dare.

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